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Build A Strategy Map To Transform Your Company

A strategy map is a visual representation of an organization's overall objectives and how they relate to one another. This is a guideline for organizational decision makers, which they can use to plan and monitor the progress of their business.

Strategy maps are especially useful when your organization is undergoing significant change. It is essential that the strategy map not change significantly from the version you receive from the planner, so that your decision makers can use it to plan the next steps to get your objectives accomplished.

Creating A Strategy Map

You should create a strategy map at the start of your organization, but later as the changes occur you can create a new version. You can change the strategy map or just create a new one. Some of the issues that should be included in a strategy are:

  • Start of action plan 
  • Ongoing actions 
  • End of action plan

In addition, you should include an impact statement. An impact statement is a statement of the goals and objectives of your change strategy and whether they are likely to be achieved. It is also a statement of what the organization needs to do to achieve these objectives. It is to be sent to all current and potential clients and suppliers, to let them know that you are aware of their responsibilities and what the organization needs to do to achieve the change strategy. The statement should be used for communicating the change to all stakeholders.

Use your strategy map to communicate the change

Creating a strategy is not easy, especially if you have a relatively small company. There are many resources available. One of the most important is your organization's Strategic Plan that should be reviewed and updated yearly. Your strategy map should be part of that plan. A good company should have a strategic plan and its own strategic map. You should review the strategic plan to ensure that it reflects the vision, intentions, and short, medium and long-term goals of your company. This was written by a planner who has worked with many large companies.

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