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The Rule of Seven Could Hold The Answer To Getting New Customers and Clients...

The Rule of 7 is an old marketing expression. It states that a potential Customer, Patient or Client needs to see or hear your marketing message a minimum of 7 times before they doing something about it and purchase from you.

Now the number 7 isn't cast in stone. The reality of the Rule of 7 is you can't simply take part in a marketing activity and afterwards be done with it. Marketing should be an on-going practice in order for it to be effective.

If you are doing your marketing well, you are targeting the best individuals; your perfect eye care patients. You have to actually produce effective marketing strategies that utilize language your target audience relates to. Getting folks to know, like & trust you is why the rule of 7 dictates the frequency of your marketing. 

Why don't they leap up and call you the very first time they see your message?

Noise. In today's world, we're bombarded with messages thousands of times a day. It is a real challenge to bypass all this confusion and be heard. Because of this, a confused mind never buys.
The very first couple of times somebody sees your message it's most likely it will not entirely resonate with them. All of us have marketing blinders we have actually developed with time, otherwise we 'd be overwhelmed with the consistent interruption from companies demanding to be heard.

It's the same with your potential patients. They're not hanging out someplace waiting for you to magically appear. They're living hectic lives and you're probably not even be a blip on their radar.

They Do Not Need You. Even if you've been carefully targeting the ideal patients, they might not be in need of your services or products today. And if they just see your marketing message once, they're not going to remember you tomorrow or next week or next year when they unexpectedly do require your help. When it relates to marketing, out of sight is certainly out of mind.

They're stressed over the cost. Objections about rates are generally code for "I'm not actually sure I need/want your services". It's incredible how rapidly they'll figure out how to pay for it when they truly desire what you have to provide. If they continue to see effective marketing messages from you, they might get closer to seeing your worth and forget all about their cost issues. That's why you must always be marketing.

The K.L.T. factor. They do not know, like and trust you The underlying factor of why individuals do not call you the very first time they stumble upon your marketing message is they do not know you from Adam. Remember all the noise?

There's not just a lot of messages; there are a lot of messages that aren't real. Do you take every e-mail, commercial or leaflet at face value? It takes time for individuals to get learn about you, remember your name and your offer. Once they know  you, it takes time to get to like you and your clinic.

How long does it take? Probably not 7 "touches". It truly depends; it depends upon the value of what you have to offer, how terribly soon they require it and the number of charlatans they have previously stumbled upon . How do you utilize the Rule of 7 in your marketing plan?

Marketing Rule of 7. Never ever rely on just one type of marketing strategy. Something out of your control can put a freeze on how quickly you can reach your potential patients. Even if you have a strategy that is getting you all the clients you can manage, include a couple of other tools to your marketing kit to guarantee you're not blindsided by unforeseen circumstances.

The Rule of 7 is why "strategic marketing" is so effective. By marketing patient testimonials and offering complimentary services to your potential patients regularly, you are developing a strong relationship. Due to the fact that it's not a sales pitch; it's an authentic effort to assist and inform, Info provided in a newsletter or blog site does not set off alarms. Set aside routine times to engage in marketing activities, even when you're fully booked. If you continue marketing even when your calendar is full, you'll have less sluggish times.


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